BodyByte & Lifestyle

BodyByte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer is probably the most comprehensive software tool of its kind available on the Internet today. For free. BodyByte user numbers are increasing daily in schools, universities, gyms & fitness centres, and in homes all over the world.

Everybody talks about “lifestyle” these days – and we generally use this term to refer specifically to nutrition and exercise, because these are seen as the main problem areas associated with current health issues such as overweight and obesity, cardiovascular illnesses and cancer.

But lifestyle is about more than just nutrition and exercise. Sure, the stuff we eat and how we keep ourselves fit are very important issues, but lifestyle is mostly about the way we think. About everything. No lifestyle intervention plan can ever succeed if your mindset and motivation don’t measure up to the task. Breaking bad habits or focusing on any particular type of lifestyle change or philosophy is all about what’s going on in your head. The battleground for lifestyle modification is between your ears.

It’s in your head where you have to deal with the critical issues of doing a mindset shift to get going, then to get yourself motivated to persevere, and then to deal with issues of checking and monitoring, and analysing results to measure your progress or success.

And that’s how BodyByte fits into the “greater scheme of things” when it comes to your lifestyle. It is there to help you organize, monitor and control, and give structure and order to your lifestyle plan. Structure and order have an immense impact on your motivation and other head issues, and ultimately on the way you think about your lifestyle.

When I started developing BodyByte I had very specific requirements I needed for my own lifestyle plan, and as I progressed I found these to be very similar for most people, almost universal. One thing I can tell you is that the idea with using BodyByte is NOT to become imprisoned in an endless cycle of having to input and track every minute detail of your lifestyle plan (you can, of course, if you want to), but rather to use it to become informed, knowledgeable, and in control. Initially you may find you have to put in a little effort, but once you’re set up, it’s plain sailing.

We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to know more about specific aspects of BodyByte, and how it can be used for very specific purposes, sometimes even stuff not related to lifestyle at all. Dealing with these enquiries individually is impossible, so I decided to get this blog and a newsletter going to address these issues, and provide you with tips & tricks, and useful snippets of data and information from time to time.

Check out my blog postings under the “BodyByte & Lifestyle” Category and please add your comments and requests. I have every intention to read everything everybody posts, and can respond collectively with blog posts or content in newsletters. I’d love to hear from you!